Custom Made Black Walnut Dining Tables: Elevating Your Dining Experience with Timeless Elegance

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The Art of Epoxy River Tables: A Fusion of Nature and Craftsmanship

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Crafting Stunning Epoxy River Tables: A Unique Touch to Your Home Decor

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Epoxy Boardroom Table – Create Your Own

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10ft Black Walnut Epoxy River Dining Table

Custom made black walnut dining table measuring 10ft x 50″ and 3″ thick with custom [...]

Custom Epoxy Bathroom Countertops

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Black Walnut Epoxy Table Live Edge 6ft x 3.5ft

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Custom Epoxy Office Desks

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10ft x 4ft Black Epoxy River Island Live Edge Table with Benches

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Large Walnut 12ft x 4ft Epoxy River Dining Table

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5ft Round Smokey Grey Epoxy River Dining Table

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Oval Blue Epoxy Live Edge River with Islands

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9ft Single Slab Black Epoxy River Dining Table GTA

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Wood Species Weight by Cubic Foot Calculations

Average Dry Weight Kg Per Cubic Meter of Wood Species The average dry weight of [...]

Epoxy River Tables from Woodify

Woodify Inc specialized in making custom epoxy river tables … made from local species of [...]

Custom Made Single Slab Epoxy River Dining Tables from Woodify Canada

We recently had this beauty delivered to a client in Alberta. Custom made to order. [...]

Live Edge Tables

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Live Edge Epoxy River Tables

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Live Edge Rustic Entryway Benches

Custom live edge seating and tabling made of Ottawa sugar maple, pine or oak wood. [...]

8.5ft Live Edge Walnut Epoxy River Table Blue

$5750 + shipping if outside of GTA  BUY NOW! LIMITED TIME DEAL. Free Shipping within [...]

Live Edge Shelving

Maple / Walnut Live Edge Shelving Customized for your home Our selection is always changing [...]

Live Edge Desks that Don’t Break the Bank

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Custom Wood Office Desks

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Epoxy River Dining Table

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Canadian Made Wood Furniture Marketplace

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Custom Boardroom Tables

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Metal & Wood Bar Stools

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Reclaimed Wood Lounge Chairs

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Floating Platform Bed with Integrated Side Tables

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Reclaimed Rustic Barn Wood Bed Frame

Now available, Reclaimed Rustic Barn Wood Bed Frame customized for your needs. Follow Us on [...]

Reclaimed Barnwood Storage Bed Frame

Now available. Reclaimed Barnwood Storage Bed Frame. Contact us about this bed frame Follow us [...]

Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed

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Wooden Kitchen Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture

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Double Pop up Barn Wood Coffee Table

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Live Edge Black Walnut Coffee Table with Chrome Legs

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Custom Live Edge Coffee Table Black Walnut

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Live Edge Single Slab Coffee Table

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Modern Metal & Cherry Coffee Table

Custom built modern / industrial cherry coffee table. 2″ cherry timber, protected with top of [...]

Industrial Style Barnwood Bed Frame

Industrial Style Barnwood Bed Frame available. Follow Us on Facebook [...]

Handmade Hardwood Accent Table

Handmade Hardwood Accent Table available. Follow Us on Twitter [...]

Rustic Handmade Accent Table

Rustic Handmade Accent Table available. [...]

Rustic Wood Serving Tray

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Rustic Walnut Coat Hanger

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Edison Bulb Chandelier

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Floating Platform Bed

Now Available Floating Platform Bed. [...]

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Lanterns

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Rustic Barnwood Bed Frame

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Acacia Live Edge Kitchen Table

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Epoxy Coffee Table

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Wine Barrel Coffee Table

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Barnwood Furniture

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Browse All Coffee Tables

Browse All Coffee Tables from Woodify Canada. Follow Us on Instagram Browse All Coffee Tables [...]

Browse All Kitchen Tables

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Acacia Live Edge Dining Table With Chrome

The Porter table is carved out of natural acacia wood, a highly durable hardwood, this [...]

Live Edge Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Tables from Woodify

  Kitchen Tables Claro Walnut Patchwork Dining Table New Coffee Tables, Epoxy, Kitchen Tables Claro [...]

Epoxy Table Tops – Woodify

VIEW THE ABOVE PRODUCT – CLICK HERE What Is Epoxy? Epoxy is formed when you [...]

Natural Driftwood Mirror

Bring resort living into your home! This exotic and rustic mirror is handmade of natural [...]

Giant Teak Wine Barrel Rack

This Artistic Wine Barrel is a Wine Rack for your beloved Wine Collection! Made from [...]

Jumbo Rustic 12 inch Decorative Clothespin in chalkboard finish

What a unique and fun way to hang your kids coats or scarfs while personalizing [...]

Reclaimed Wood Lounge Chair

This comfortable chair is creative balance of rustic charm and modern style. It is made [...]

Entryway Bench Reclaimed Wood and Metal

This unique bench is crafted from the century-old 100% reclaimed wood and steel. Innovative combination [...]

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Glass Top

This unique coffee table is created from the century-old 100% reclaimed wood. Innovative combination of [...]

Rustic Wood Dining Chandelier Lighting Fixture

Great for a dining table light in place of traditional chandelier lighting. It also looks [...]

Live Edge Single Slab Reclaimed Wood Table

Your are viewing a great Single Slab of Live Edge Curl Ash. CONTACT US TO [...]

Walnut or Ash Live Edge Dining Table

Create your dream table! Live edge tables made to order using local wood. Type of [...]

Black Walnut Live Edge Dining Table

Beautiful live edge black walnut dining table with brushed stainless steel chevron legs Handmade item [...]

Claro Walnut Dining Table with T Shaped Metal Legs

Live Edge Claro Walnut single slab dining table! Spectacular for any space Handmade item Made [...]

Black Walnut Live Edge Coffee Table – Reclaimed

This is an exceptionally unique black walnut coffee table with smooth water repellent and non-toxic [...]

Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed

This stunning herringbone headboard couples beautifully with the simple while making a statement reclaimed threshing [...]

Custom Wood Coffee Tables

Woodify is your source for custom wood coffee tables from local Canadian manufacturers. Browse our [...]

Live Edge Wood Kitchen Tables

Black Walnut Dining Table made from Canadian reclaimed wood is readily available. MEASUREMENTS: L 68” [...]

Live Edge and Reclaimed Wood Products offer a variety of premium local wood furniture options for your home or office. [...]