Looking for a custom epoxy boardroom table for your office space? Look no further than Woodify. Choose a size, choose an epoxy color, choose your very own slabs of wood to use, and if you want you can even have your company logo engraved into the center of the table. Added features can include outlets built into the table itself, rounded edges, and a whole slew of epoxy styles to choose form to inspire and motivate your team or impress clients.


9ft Single Slab Black Epoxy River Dining Table


Add features such as outlets built right into the table itself. This will allow your clients and or employees to plugin right at the table, it will also allow you to plug in projectors and other items needed in a boardroom. Your not limited to these styles, though they tent to be the most popular.

Large Walnut 12ft x 4ft Epoxy River Dining Table

Custom engravings, epoxy logos built right into your epoxy boardroom table. make it stand out. We can use our CNC machine to engrave almost anything into your table, we can also use multiple colors to achieve the desired result. Keep in mind less can be more here so you might opt for a monocolor for simply two colors.

Custom Boardroom Table Epoxy Engravings - Woodify Canada

8.5ft Live Edge Walnut Epoxy River Table Blue

10ft Black Walnut Epoxy River Dining Table

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