Woodify Inc specialized in making custom epoxy river tables

… made from local species of wood with attention to detail and finished off with care our tables are considered top quality within the local markets & internationally. Customization for these tables include your choice of epoxy style and color, including a matte solid color, a semi-clear top coat with a wavy color as seen in the examples below.

Epoxy River tables from Woodify Epoxy River tables from Woodify 1

Other customization for our epoxy river tables include wood selection. We’ll custom select high quality and featured slabs with the proper moisture content to avoid warping in the future and present them to you in layouts that you get to choose from. We’ll work with you to design the perfect table for you living space. Color is also important.

Epoxy River tables from Woodify 3

The color and style of the epoxy is very important so we’ll also do color matching with you to determine the best color for you space. The recommendations from our specialists will help you to avoid common mistakes made while selecting a color and finish for your table.

Epoxy River Tables - Clear Top - Walnut 1

Custom made brushed steel legs will finish of your project. Select from a variety of shapes and sizes for your table, your imagination is your only limitation.


Contact us today for a free quote on any item you see on our website, OR you can custom request something you don’t see. Choose Woodify for your epoxy river table project.