Discover Custom Epoxy River Tables from #Woodify

Woodify is a premium service provider for building custom furniture in Canada including custom epoxy river tables. With a catered process including initial consultations, wood slab selection, style selection, stain and finish selection, and leg selection processes we guarantee that you’ll end up with exactly what you were looking for.

What kind of wood options do you have? We like to stick with local woods including walnut, oak, maple, pine, burl and spalted options depending on the design you’re going for and the budget you have. We are open to working with other wood species, don’t hesitate to ask. What we select will also depend on the grain style you’re looking for, the weight and finished shade your looking to achieve.

Our epoxy river tables are completely customizable including the color of the river, the transparency, and the style of the pour which can include waves or beach features such as sand, rocks, or seashells. Other custom options can include embedding custom items into the epoxy such as hockey pucks, figurines, or even flowers.

From slabs to finished product Woodify will work with you to create the custom table of your dreams.

Custom Epoxy River Tables from Woodify
Custom Epoxy River Tables from Woodify Canada

What makes our tables and services different?

A catered service, free quotes, a service guarantee, and the knowledge and security of working with a team that knows what they’re doing. Get the best deals with our large network of vendors. Don’t hesitate to browse our website and search our large selection of custom made epoxy river tables.


Custom Legs

Woodify has a wide selection of legs to choose from including options for colors, finishes, and shapes. We also do custom projects so don’t hesitate to send us any examples of legs you want and we’ll let you the know he details on fabrication options from Woodify.


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