Creating a custom epoxy river table just got easier!

It all starts with using the quote button and giving us a detailed description of the type of table you’re looking for including the epoxy river style, wood species preferred, size of the table needed, leg style selected if you have one, stain color, and any other customized options you might want. OR you can just refer us to an example on-site and we can give you a quick quote on that exact style / size.

Don’t sacrifice on quality, when it comes to custom work nothing beats experience.

Feel free to browse some of our featured items from the last year to get an idea of what we could do for you. We typically recommend on the highest quality materials including hardwoods like black walnut and oak, we also use eco friendly epoxies and can easily choose a reclaimed wood source for your project if requested.

They say the devil is in the details, Woodify operates with transparency on all facets on our projects. Companies can use the lack of knowledge customers have as an opportunity to offer them low quality wood products at premium prices, finishing products, cheap fabrication, and a slew of other lesser known facts that ensure longevity of your product. Our goal is to offer a premium product in a competitive pricing structure, how can we achieve that? We use our leverage with our vendors to get a premium price for our customers.

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